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Make them sit up and take notice. Our small projectors come packed with big technology.

Avicom, supplier of projectors
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A picture paints a thousand words. Make your presentations shine with the latest in projection technology from leading brands.

Small packages pack a big punch with new-age, pocket-sized portable projectors that integrate with smartphones, tablets or laptops. Large auditorium displays are bright and brilliant with HD 3D-ready multi-media projectors that integrate with any video source. Teaching comes into the 21st century with classroom projectors that display books or documents and share lessons from any computer or iOS or Android device.

Ambient light, screen positioning, room size and application are but a few things to consider in making the right choice. With a wealth of experience, Avicom is ideally positioned to advise you on a projector perfect for your needs, so contact us today and leave the lumens to us.

Avicom’s range of laser projectors give you the best picture money can buy, without the need for lamp or filter replacements. With a longer lifespan that lamp projectors and a much better return on your investment. These projectors work exceptionally well – all the time. Revisit the colours you dream in with striking colour depth and image quality.

Allow Avicom’s expertise to specify the correct projector for the venue and the application that is required.

Contact us today and see your future – brighter!

From lightweight and portable to large room, our top-specced projectors will enhance your presentations and engage your audience.

Our projectors are suited for

Small and home office
Conference halls
Home cinema

Brighter colours, better contrast and higher definition work together to make your show and tell more realistic than ever.

Multi-media compatibility with computers, tablets and smartphones
Easy to set up and use
Peace of mind thanks to robust wireless security
Handy web monitor and control features
Pocket-sized travel-friendly options



The world’s top-selling projector brand. Known for their exceptional brightness – if colour really matters, we have the Epson projector for you.


Epson EH-LS500B Android TV Edition

Enjoy super-sized entertainment without compromising the look of your home. Sleek and discreet, this 4K PRO-UHD laser projector streams shows, games, movies, sport, news and more for large-screen display from 65 inches up to 130 inches. A contrast ratio of 2 500 000:1 and 4000 lumens deliver vivid, sharp images even in bright rooms.


Epson EB-L200F Laser Projector

A full HD laser projector that promises to give your business presentations the edge. Scalable from 40 inches to a massive 500 inches, the EB-L200F delivers images that are sharper and colours that are brighter, even in well-lit rooms. It features built-in 16W speakers, 2 HDMI ports and built-in wireless LAN. Connect and stream quickly and easily from any laptop, tablet or phone.


Epson EB-685W

The ultra short-throw design of the EB-685W enables you to project brilliantly clear images on large screens of up to 100 inches from a short distance. It’s ideal for classroom and lecture hall applications.


Epson EB-1776W

Weighing in at just 1.7kg, the EB-1776W is the perfect portable WXGA projector solution for business. It delivers brilliant clarity, wide-screen resolution, distortion correction and high-speed Wi-Fi functionality.


Epson EB-1980WU

A desktop projector suitable for any meeting space, the EB-1980WU promises bright colour and bright whites plus handy split-screen functionality. Easily connect it to PC via USB, and to any system with HDMI and MHL.


Epson EB-575W, EB-580, EB-585W

The answer to modern BYOD teaching. These short-throw, ceiling-mountable projectors integrate with smart devices wirelessly. Share and compare students’ work from multiple devices, simultaneously, with Moderator Software3.


Epson EB-955WH

Want only one projector for use in multiple rooms? This lightweight, small yet powerful projector is easy to move and set up in seconds. HDMI, ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity – display content from up to four devices, simultaneously.


Epson EB-W31

A mobile projector designed for both office and home applications. Deliver impactful presentations, watch movies in crystal high definition, look at family photos on big screens – the EB-W31 does it all.


Epson EB-1940W

Compact, portable and affordable, the Epson EB-1940W is perfect for corporate or educational use.


World leader in projection technology, Vivitek’s extensive range of projectors covers everything from mobile, to home to large venue.



Weighing in at just 2,6kg, the highly portable DH268 is ideal for any classroom application. A 15 000:1 contrast ratio and 3,500 ANSI lumens of brightness deliver crisp and clear presentations. It has a built-in 2W speaker and audio-in and -out ports plus two HDMI inputs.



A full HD projector delivering 4,500 ANSI lumens of brightness and 15,000:1 contrast ratio. At just 3,2kg, it’s easy to move from room to room. It has three HDMI inputs, a 10W speaker and MHL device compatibility for streaming of video and audio from mobile devices.


Vivitek Qumi Q8

The first pocket-sized full HD 1080p projector. Perfect for work or home. Watch movies, photos and any other content on a big screen up to 3m diagonal. BYOD-ready, instantly connect to your tablet or phone.


Vivitek D555WH

An BYOD-compatible portable projector with 3D functionality and built-in audio. It’s ultra mobile at just 2.3kg, yet delivers brilliant 3,000 ANSI lumens and a sharp 15,000:1 contrast ratio.


Vivitek DH833

A compact full HD projector ideal for educational applications. MHL device compatibility allows streaming of video and audio content from mobile devices. At just 3.2kg, it’s easy to move between rooms and quick to set up.


Vivitek DW814

Wide screen projection for the ultimate viewing pleasure. With 3,800 ANSI lumens of brightness and a contrast ratio of 15,000:1, this model delivers crisp images and video.


Vivitek DU978WT

Make every presentation brilliant. This widescreen WUXGA multimedia projector delivers images and video of exceptional clarity and brightness. Ideal for large meeting rooms, it comes with various BYOD connectivity options.


The inventor of the digital projector, Portland-based InFocus leads the way in digital projection technology that combines superior performance with quality and value.


InFocus INL3149WU Laser Projector

Exceptional image quality over years of continuous 24/7 use – that’s the promise that comes with this ultra long-life model. It’s ideal for large venues like lecture halls, museums and houses of worship as well as applications where round-the-clock display is required. With 5 500 lumens and 500 000:1 contrast ratio, images are sharp and bright in any light. It features built-in dual 10W speakers and has an incredible 30 000 hour light source life.


InFocus IN130 Series Projector

The ultimate projector for any classroom application, IN130 Series projectors are designed to be quieter, enabling students to hear you and engage with content. Intense colours and sharper, brighter images in any light make for an immersive learning experience. It even supports multiple forms of 3D including Blu-Ray. An HDMI port and multiple ways to connect devices turn this projector into a one-stop solution for streaming audio and video.


InFocus Genesis IN116BB Projector

Compact and lightweight, the IN116BB offers amazing connectivity for the office, home or classroom. Two HDMI inputs allow for multiple device connection. Its 15 000 hours lamp life in dynamic mode is industry leading, while 3 500 lumens deliver brighter images on any surface in any light.


NEC’s advanced projection technology delivers brilliantly bright displays in vivid colour. NEC projectors are maintenance-free with up to 20 000 hours life, offering economical projection solutions for any size room.


NEC ME403U Multi-purpose Business Lamp Projector

Compact and lightweight with HDMI and integrated 16W speaker, the NEC ME403U is ideal for classrooms and small meeting rooms. WUXA resolution, superb brightness and colour range deliver an outstanding visual experience. With multi-source conferencing and splits-screen operation supported by digital connectivity, the ME403U delivers a range of flexible application scenarios. Best of all? It’s economical, with up to 20 000 hours of trouble-free projection requiring no lamp replacement.


NEC PA804UL Professional Advanced LCD Laser Installation Projector

The NEC PA804UL is an advanced, professional LCD laser installation projector ideal for larger-space higher education, leisure and museum applications. The PA804UL is factory-calibrated for perfect white point performance and has 12-bit colour signal processing. The result? Astonishingly vivid colour saturation and contrast levels. Its IP5X anti-dust rating means the LCD panels won’t be contaminated, delivering long-term picture clarity and brilliant brightness. Enjoy up to 20 000 hours of faultless projection.


NEC PE506UL Professional LCD Laser Projector

A feature-packed professional LCD laser projector, the PE506UL is ideal for classrooms, training rooms and meeting rooms. Weighing in at only 7,95kg it’s lightweight, compact and easy to install, yet it delivers 5,200 ANSI lumen brightness in vivid LCD detail. This projector has advanced wireless capabilities with an embedded multi-presenter function, allowing multiple users to connect and share without the hassle of cables. Enjoy maintenance-free operation of up to 20 000 hours and lower power consumption.


Why Avicom? Leading teleconferencing and video brands. Expert industry knowledge.
Years of experience getting it right. That’s why.

Contact Avicom now and let’s talk about a solution tailored for you. Call 021 531 3146.

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