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Avicom supports Sir Lowry’s Pass Primary School
Sir Lowrys Pass School 1
Sir Lowrys Pass School 1
Sir Lowrys Pass School 2
Sir Lowrys Pass School 3
Sir Lowrys Pass School 1Sir Lowrys Pass School 2Sir Lowrys Pass School 3

Avicom has proudly sponsored audiovisual equipment in the form of data projectors, screens, smart boards and white boards to Sir Lowry’s Pass Primary since 2012. This school, which serves 950 learners from a highly unemployed, previously disadvantaged and very poor community, became a no-fee school in January 2014, and depends heavily on donations of funds and equipment.

Avicom has donated smart boards, whiteboards and data projectors which are used as teaching aids primarily in the maths and science classes. We were delighted when the Principal, Mr De Morney, told us that the improvement in particularly the average maths marks over the past 3 years has been astounding. He attributes this largely to the advantages that teachers gain by using the data projectors and white boards to explain and demonstrate the day’s lessons.

Teachers use the smart boards in teaching maths and science and enjoy the increase in learner participation when colour diagrams, graphs, photo’s and illustrations can be displayed during lessons. Learners have a better understanding of the concepts taught and, as a result, tests and exam results have improved.

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